Punjab bans preaching in university campuses

Punjab bans preaching in university campusesThe Punjab government on Friday banned preaching activities in university campuses while announcing to regulate sermons in mosques around campuses.

According to details, the Tablighi Jamaat will not be allowed to preach and stay in campuses. Dunya News has obtained copy of the notification.

The process of formation of security plan for educational institutions is continued after terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University.

As per the fresh advisory issued by the Punjab government, the mosques in and surrounding university campuses will be bound to get the content of sermons approved before delivering them.

The university administration will also be bound to alert security institutions about the faculty members that are sympathetic of terrorist elements.

The provincial government has also put a ban on Tablighi Jamaat to stay and preach in premises of university campuses.

As per the advisory, the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Home Department will take action with the help of administration against those that spread sectarian hatred on social media.

There will also be a complete ban on non-students’ stay in hostels. The administration has directed to take strict steps also to stop weapons and drugs from spreading.

The administration has also been made to form its own intelligence system and the security institutions will keep a check and balance everyday to assure the implementation of the steps taken.

Every education institution will be made to rectify defects pointed out by the security institutions within 15 days.


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