Wife of Holy Prophet Muhamamd Hazrat Hafsa bint Umar

Wife of Holy Prophet Muhamamd Hazrat Hafsa bint UmarHazrat Hafsa bint Umar (c.605-665) was a wife of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and therefore a Mother of the Believers.

Early Life
Hazrat Hafsa was the daughter of Umar ibn al-Khattab and Zainab bint Mazoon. She was born “when Quraish were building the House [Kaaba], five years before the Prophet was sent,” i.e., in 605.

She was married to Khunais ibn Hudhaifa but became a widow. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad married with Hafsa in Shaban AH 3.

Notable Work
According to Islamic tradition, Hazrat Hafsa had memorized the Quran. The copy of Zaid Bin Sabit, which was recorded on the instructions of Hazrat Abu Bakr, was kept in Hazrat Hafsa’s house. Hazrat Usman Bin Affan, when he became Caliph, used Hazrat Hafsa’s copy when he standardized the text of the Quran. She is also said to have narrated sixty hadiths from Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad.

She died in Shaban AH 45 and buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi.


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