One Wheeling is a Dangerous Act in Pakistan

One Wheeling is a Dangerous Act in PakistanIn the beginning the people were travelling on the hours, camels and donkeys. Due to travel on the animals they cover their distances in a long period of time. They cover a mile’s distance in a week or more than it. So it was much difficult to travel for the earlier people. But with the passage of time as many starts on the discovery he discovers all the things which can make his work easier. After the invention of the wheel, their work became easier. Then they use carts for the traveling. The carts were pulled by animals such as donkey, hours and camel etc. In this way they were able to travel in a best way that was better than the old. It was fast as compare to the previous. Then they can travel easily and now at that position they were also unable to make their distances less. Their ways or distances had been shrieked. By using the cards for the traveling they discover their long distances in a short period of time as compare to the before. After the invention of the wheel man starts to think about the traveling system. He thinks more and more and he invents countless other things. But wheel was their most appreciate able invention. On behalf of the wheel than the other scientist had invented more vehicles.

All those were used only for the fast traveling. In the first cuts were invented but later on motor bikes, buses, cars, trucks, autos, Afro planes, and cycles were used for the traveling. Pakistan is a Muslim country. It is not developed country yet. It is just an under developed country. Because there are fewer resources and also the lack of facilities. Due to this, it cannot make progress as compare to the other developing or developed countries. In Pakistan, there is no well transport system. There are poor roads and no traffic signals in a managed way. Well organized system is only in some big cities of Pakistan otherwise in small cities, towns and villages there is no source of traveling in a well mannered way. There are slight and mud made roads in the villages. In the cities first, there is a large population and second there are small and narrow roads. Due to this reason, the roads of cities are very rushed. The big problem in Pakistan is that one wheeling of the youngster. They do one wheeling just as a trick. They felt that it is a trick actually they do not know the disadvantage of the one wheeling. When they are doing one wheeling than they have not sure about their lives. While during one wheeling they have given their lives sometimes. They have no idea about the injury. They do one wheeling on the narrow road and on the narrow roads there is much rush due to this the chance of an accident is much greater. So the youngster should be avoiding doing this. This is good for their lives and also for the country.


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I am Abdul Nasir Memon. I am a Project Manager. I have experienced of more than 15 years in IT field. I did complete various Projects of Website and Mobile Apps. I have expertise to manage Projects of Android Applications.

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