Companion of Holy Prophet Muhammad Hazrat Abu Huraira

Companion of Holy Prophet Muhammad Hazrat Abu HurairaHazrat Abu Hurayrah, often spelled Abu Hurairah, was a companion of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and the most prolific narrator of hadith in Sunni hadith compilations. He was known by the kunyah Abu Hurairah (“Father of the Kitten”), but his real name is differed upon, the most popular opinion being that it was ‘Abd ar-Rahman ibn Sakhr. Hazrat Abu Hurairah spent 2 years in the company of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and went on expeditions and journeys with him. It is estimated that he narrated around 5,374 ahadiths.

Early life:
Hazrat Abu Hurairah was born in Baha, Yemen into the Banu Daws tribe from the region of Tihamah on the coast of the Red Sea. His father had died, leaving him with only his mother and no other relatives. His name at birth was Abd al-Shams (“Servant of the Sun”). However, as a child, he had a cat and became known as “Abu Hurairah” (which literally means “Father of the Kitten” or more idiomatically “Of the kitten”).

Death and legacy:
Following the passing of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad, Hazrat Abu Huraira spent the rest of his life teaching hadith in Madina, except for a short period as governor of Bahrain during the reign of Caliph Umar ibn Al-Khattab. He was also governor of Medina during the rule of the early Umayyad caliphs. Hazrat Abu Hurairah died at the age of 78 and was buried at Jannat-ul-Baqi.


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