Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Health Benefits of Orange JuiceThe botanical name given is for the common sweet or Malta orange which was introduced into Europe from China and is now grown in many hot countries especially the U.S.A. Among other species are the Citrus aurantium which is the bitterly aromatic Seville orange and the most scented, the Citrus bergamia, from which the orange bergamot is prepared.

The orange has a modest mineral content but a good ripe fruit will have at least 50mg of vitamin C in 100g (4oz), a smallish fruit. There are also plenty of the interesting and probably important bioflavonoids. There is much experience which strongly suggests that when vitamin C is taken, for example as an anti-infective, the effect is reinforced in the presence of these bioflavonoids. In nature they are often found naturally occurring in vitamin C-rich fruits such as rose hips and green peppers. Other names for the bioflavonoids include rutin and hesperidin. They have been used in concentrated form for the treatment of high blood-pressure, as anti-coagulants and as part of the treatment for colds.

Orange juice is very nutritious and pleasant to take at any time, but it is a good idea to take a regular glass daily during the winter months to make certain that you are having enough vitamin C. The fat soluble vitamins, A, D and E can be stored in the body, but you need your vitamin C regularly.


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