Milk prices in Pakistan

Milk prices in PakistanFresh milk has been selling at Karachi at Rs.80 per liter despite huge cut in prices of petroleum prices; however, the office of commissioner Karachi and other related stakeholders are tight-lipped on economic exploitation of Karachi consumers.

Whenever, the issue of fresh milk prices is raised the dairy farmers and milk sellers defend higher prices of fresh milk in Karachi with plea that they have to spend huge amount on transportation of fodder and supply of milk from dairy farms to market, and the government accept their plea and allow them to sell fresh milk as higher price. However, when the oil prices are down they do not reduce the rate of fresh milk and the government also turns the blind eye to the exploitation of citizens. Sindh is amongst the ill-luck provinces of Pakistan where there is no consumer protection law, or consumer courts. The attitude of the rulers and their bureaucracy is visibly anti-consumer in Sindh province, especially Karachi, where the profiteers are allowed to fleece the consumers.


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