Milk prices increase in Pakistan

Milk prices increase in PakistanIt is regrettable that the government is not sincere in taking action against the dairy mafia that is responsible for an increase in the prices of milk. With an increase of Rs 10, dairy milk is being sold at the rate of Rs 94 per litre. Although the government has fixed the price of milk at Rs 70 per litre, yet traders are selling the commodity at much higher rates. In the wake of a considerable decrease in petrol prices, there is no reduction in milk prices. Now, milk has become more costly than petrol in a country like Pakistan, which is considered the third largest milk producer in the world.

This is the result of the monopoly of the milk mafia that is looting the general public with both hands. Shopkeepers have raised the prices of milk and are forcing the people to buy it at higher rates, which is an injustice with the public.

Karachi has become a haven for business traders who increase prices according to their wishes and enforce these rates while the government plays the role of a spectator only. It has no courage to stop traders from selling milk at higher prices.

In the UK where the earning power is at least 10 times more than in Pakistan, the price of milk is Rs63 per litre and the milk is of very high quality. However, in Pakistan it is being sold for very high rate per litre and one can ever be sure of its quality and hygiene.

Why do the authorities in Pakistan not evolve a fair pricing system so that people are spared such deceit? Milk is a very basic and necessary food requirement, especially for children, and the government of Pakistan needs to ensure that the commodity is available at an affordable price to the people. Moreover, skimmed milk in all developed countries is a lot cheaper than the full cream variety because the cream separated from the milk is sold at very high rates as cream or butter, but in Pakistan, skimmed milk costs at least 20 percent more. Very strange and disturbing indeed.


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