Hazrat Mufti Zafaruddin Bihari

Brief Introduction of Hazrat Mufti Zafaruddin Bihari

Hazrat Malik-ul-Ulama (King of Scholars) Molana Zafaruddin Bihari (Caliph of Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi), the major Faqeeh and the most erudite Muhaddith of his time and declared by Imam-al-Huda Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Khan Barelvi as the Lone Master of Ilm al-Tauqeet among his contemporary scholars. ‘Ilm al-Tauqeet’ is an Islamic science that deals with the extraction and determination of Prayer Timings for places of entire world. Imam Ibn Hajr Makki Shafai mentioned this Science as ‘Farz-al-Kifaya’ in his book “Zawajir”.

Syed Muhammad Zafaruddin bin Abdur Razzaq Ashrafi Hanafi Bihari was born on 14th Muharram-ul-Haram 1303 at Patna, the northern Capital city of Bihar state in India. His genealogy reaches Huzoor Ghous Pak Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani in Six (6) generations through his ancestor Syed Ibrahim bin Syed Abu Bakr Ghaznavi bin Syed Abul Qasim Abdullah bin Syed Mohammed Faruq bin Syed Abul Mansur Abdus Salam bin Syed Abdul Wahab bin Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir al Jilani. Syed Ibrahim migrated to India during the reign of Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq and joined the imperial army and was martyred at the Battle of Rahtas fort at Shahabad.

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