Letter to the River Nile

When Egypt was conquered, one day the people of Egypt requested Sayyiduna Amr Bin Aas: O our chief! There is a custom regarding our River Nile that it does not flow until we perform it. He asked, ‘What is that?’ They replied, ‘We take a virgin girl from her parents, adorn her with an elegant dress and beautiful jewellery and then throw her into the River Nile.’ Sayyiduna Amr Bin Aas said, ‘It can’t be possible at all where Islamic teachings prevail and Islam abolishes such bad customs and practice.’

Thus that practice was abandoned. The flow of the river became slower and slower and ultimately the people intended to migrate from that place. Noticing this, Sayyiduna Amr Bin Aas wrote down the entire situation to the second caliph, Ameer-ul-Mumineen, Sayyiduna Umar Bin Khattab. In its reply, the caliph wrote, ‘You did right. Surely, Islam eradicates these types of practices. There is a piece of paper enclosed with this letter, put it into the River Nile.’

When the letter reached Sayyiduna Amr Bin Aas, he took out that piece of paper written for the River Nile: ‘O River Nile! Do not flow if you flow of your own accord and if Allah makes you flow, I supplicate to Almighty Allah to make you flow.’ Sayyiduna Amr Bin Aas put that piece of paper into the River Nile. Within a night the water level rose by 16 yards and that custom was completely abolished in Egypt. (Al-Azmah li Abish-Shaykh Al-Asbahani, pp. 318, Hadees 940)

Dear Islamic brothers! One comes to know from this event that the authority of Ameer-ul-Mumineen, Sayyiduna Umar Farooq-e-Azam was dominating even the rivers and they (rivers) did not disobey his commandments. This was by virtue of the purity of Iman (faith) of Sayyiduna Umar Bin Khattab acquired from the most virtuous company of the Noblest Prophet (May Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him), the people of Egypt got rid of that bad custom.


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