Eating Watermelon to Lose Weight

Eating Watermelon to Lose WeightWatermelon is a fluid-laden food that can help you get enough water – an essential nutrient in your diet. The fruit is 91 percent water, which means each cup of fruit you eat provides almost a cup of liquid.

The high fluid content makes watermelon a low-energy-dense food. Foods low in energy density are perfect for helping you lose belly fat, because they provide fewer calories in a larger volume of food, which helps you feel more satisfied, so you eat less. At only 46 calories per cup of diced fruit, watermelon has less than half the calories of similar servings of many other fruits. For comparison, a cup of seedless grapes has 104 calories, and a cup of banana slices has 134.

Although most fruits and vegetables are lower-energy-density foods, substituting watermelon for even slightly higher-energy choices reduces your calorie intake and helps with weight loss. For example, eating watermelon instead of a banana three times a week saves 13,728 calories per year, which translates to dropping almost four pounds of weight in that time.


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