Time Management

Time Management

Time Management like Life Management

Good time management strategies and tips for those who find the time are never enough. Making lists of tasks and prioritizing them is important.

The following are some important factors of Time Management:


The only real way to maximize your time and manage it efficiently is to learn how to manage yourself efficiently. Everyone is moving at full speed and there’s still not enough hours in the day to get everything done that we want to do.

This is especially true for those of us who are students or who work more than one part time job.


You must determine before hand what you want to accomplish. Spend time thinking about your goals for your business. It may take a few days or a few weeks to come up with the one that clearly defines your objectives.

Daily, weekly and semester scheduling:

The heart of effective time management is in weekly time organization; however, you also need a semester-long calendar to lay out all of your major obligations. Remember, if you don’t have clearly defined goals, scheduling will be difficult for you for two reasons. First, you won’t have any guidelines to use for prioritizing your activities; and second, you will have trouble motivating yourself to complete the tasks in your schedule that are not immediately gratifying.

Two general approaches to weekly scheduling can work well. The first is fairly simple and involves a daily list of things you want to accomplish that day. In order to use this method you need to know what your activities and obligations are for several weeks. This will allow you to make a daily list and modify and prioritize with a clear understanding of your very short-term goals. This kind of approach appeals most to people who don’t like too much structure and don’t want to be locked into an hour-by-hour schedule.


After you have written down your mission, you must outline the steps that would be required to accomplish it. Break these steps into monthly actions, and then break those down into weekly procedures.

Set reasonable goals:

I am an eternal optimist. So, I tend to set unrealistic goals. Something likes “write 5 chapters of my novel today”. Find, if I don’t have anything else on my list. After, I find myself scaling back my list of projects to be done, into manageable amount.

For instance: instead of taking on the competitor on many fronts, plan to tackle him on just one front for a start. Instead of doing a 5 mile walk, do 2 mile walk. Read 1 chapter of your assignment instead of three. When we set unreasonable goals, we tend to get frustrated when we can’t complete them. Setting smaller goals allows you to actually accomplish them, which gives you a great feeling of satisfaction.

Reward yourself:

Finished half your list? Take a break, read a book just for fun, have a snack, go for a walk. Give yourself a ten minute break and stretch or lay with the kids or which you want. The promise of a reward for finishing a task can be motivating. I often reward myself with breaks after finishing a project. This makes me more motivated to get back to the rest of my list.

Eliminate distractions:

Some days, it seems like the whole world is out to distract me from what I have to get done. The phone ring every 5 minutes and so on. Try to minimize distractions. Let answering machine take your calls. Sometimes, you have to say “later” to your friend or significant other when they want to do something. It’s not a crime to put your own needs first, at least some of the time.

Build in some fun time:

There’s a lot of truth in that old saying about all work and no play. Schedule some relaxation time. Give yourself a day off or a half a day. Spend some time doing things you enjoy but don’t have to do. Remember the idea of rewarding yourself? You can make a deal with yourself: if you work really hard on Monday, you can take Tuesday morning off and do something fun.

Of course, there are other strategies you can use to manage your time, but these are the ones that work for me. Try some of them may be they’ll will for you, too.

Hungry Lion

Sayyiduna Data Ganj Bakhsh has narrated that he once asked Sayyiduna Sheikh Ahmad Sarkhasi the reason of his repentance. He replied, ‘Once I went on a journey from Sarkhas with my camels. During the journey, while I was passing through a jungle, a hungry lion attacked a camel of mine and injured it severely. The camel fell on to the ground, the lion climbed up a high cliff and began to roar. Listening to its roar, many animals gathered. The lion came down from the cliff and tore the injured camel into pieces but did not eat itself and went back on the cliff again. The gathered animals ate the meat and left. Then, the lion approached the remaining carcass to eat, but a lame fox appeared at a distance. The lion immediately left the carcass and went back on the cliff so that the fox could eat. After the fox ate and went, the lion approached and ate a little of the remaining carcass. (Sayyiduna Sheikh Ahmad said) I was watching from a distance what the lion did. Suddenly, the lion turned its face towards me and said clearly, ‘Ahmad! To sacrifice a morsel is the attribute of dogs, the men walking on the path of truth sacrifice even their lives.’ Impressed by this strange event, I repented of my sins, distanced myself from the world and devoted myself to the remembrance of my Creator.’ (Kashf-ul-Mahjub, pp. 383)


Police stop food and water for Islamabad Dharna

Police stop food and water for Islamabad DharnaThe Pakistani Police stopped to provide Food and Water to Awam-e-Ahlesunnat in Dharna at Parliament House, Islamabad. The Dharna is organizing by Ulama-e-Ahlesunnat after the Chehlum of Ghazi Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri Shaheed.

Kindly share this News and do persuade others to make the most of it.

The Monkey and the Apples

There once lived a free spirited monkey in a beautiful jungle. He spent his days wandering the jungle, climbing trees, eating delicious fruits and resting. One day while wandering around he came very close to the near by village. He looked inside a house in the village and saw a bowl of red ripe apples. He couldn’t hold his urge to eat those beautiful looking fruits, so he grabbed one in each hand and ran back into the forest. He sniffed the apples but it smelled nothing. He tried to eat them, but he hurt his teeth. These apples were made of wood, but they looked delicious. When the other monkeys of the jungle saw the apples, he held onto them even tighter.

He proudly admired his new possessions as he wandered the jungle. The wooden apples glistened red in the sun, and seemed perfect to him. He was so enticed by them, that he even forgot about his hunger.

He was walking near a fruit tress when the smell of the ripe fruit reminded him of his hunger. He wanted to grab a ripe banana and eat it but he had the apples in his hands. He couldn’t let go of the wooden apples to reach for the bananas. He was too afraid to lose the apples and felt the need to protect it. The monkey was very proud of the apples, but he was definitely less happy monkey while he continued to walk along the forest trails.

As he held the apples longer, it started to feel heavier. The poor little monkey thought about keeping it down for a while but letting go of such a valuable things seemed crazy.

The poor monkey was unhappy. He was exhausted, hungry, and he couldn’t climb trees or collect fruit with his hands full. More he looked at the fruits in the jungle, more he grew hungry. He finally gave up and dropped the wooden apples and reached up for his meal. He was happy again.

Like the little monkey, we sometimes carry things that seem too valuable to let go. We human too seem to carry and hold on to our image, pride, possessions, wealth and status but forget to enjoy the most important things in life; love, compassion, friends and family.


Holiday in Pakistan has been announced


The Federal Government has announced a public holiday on August 14, 2018 to mark Independence Day of Pakistan.

According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Interior, Pakistan will celebrate Labour Day with traditional zeal and enthusiasm.

“May 1 will be a public holiday and all government, semi-government and private offices will remain closed,” the notification reads.


The Moon of Jamadil Akhir has been sighted

The Moon of Jamadil Akhir has been sightedJamadil Akhir is the sixth month in the Islamic Calendar. It is also known as Jumada al-Akhira and Jumada al-Thani. The origin of the word is as follows: the word Jumda, from which the name of the month is derived, is used to denote dry parched land: land devoid of rain, and hence denote the dry months.

New Moon sighted of Jamadil Awal on 10th March 2016 in Karachi-Pakistan. Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, Chairman of Royat-e-Hilal Committee Pakistan announced about the Moon of Jumada al-Thani.